Study in USA without IELTS


If you want to study in United Sate of America, you will very anxious about IELTS or tuition fees, accommodation cost etc. We think it is not issue. You will get opportunity sometimes totally free and some universities bear your educational expenses and offer to you fully scholarship without IETS. But there are some requirements for this opportunity. You should take this chance for study in United State of America as it provides quality education. However, there is some admission requirement for the Universities in United State Of America that might worry them. One of them is IELTS test. English Language Proficiency is something many aspirants want to avoid. 

How to study in USA without IELTS:

First Step for you : Application Process to Study in USA without IELTS

#  Find out some Universities and courses  that you want to join or study in United State  Of America 

# Then you Make a short list from your university list 

#  Next You will check university Ranking. It is very important matter for career. Don’t avoid it. 

# Next you visit their website for watching eligibility and admission reqirement.

# Then you take a decesuion what university is perfect for you 

# Next you should apply in this university. You also should apply very carefully. Don’t mistake when you fill your personal  or academic information. If you do any mistake, you will suffer a lot. So be aware about this task. It is very sensitive.

Second Step: Be ready for video interview

When you apply some reputed universities. You will be called for a personal interview. It helps for your admission process. So you should take a short preparation for this interview. You will enrich knowledge about previous academic subject and current affair. You will also take preparation about your future plan.  You should maintain etiquette and manner when you will be joining an interview. It helps to get admission without IELTS in this university.  

Third steps: Total cost such as tuition fee, accommodation fees etc.

If you success in your interview, you will get an offer letter or email for apply in this university. It is very important that you have been accepted for the study program you were interested in. The next step is to pay your tuition fees for the program. You should want to know about your tuition fees, accommodation fees and other costs for study in United State of America.  

Four Step: Apply for Student Visa in united Sate of America 

When you are completing your third step, you should need to apply for Student Visa in United State of America. Have you question about your admission? You feel free email us we will help you about this situation. It is possible without IELTS.  

What do documents need  for your apply Student Visa? 

First you have needed a Valid Passport

Second you have needed a recent passport size photograph

Third you have needed confirmation paper.

Fourth you have needed a curriculum Vitae 

Fifth you have needed a bank solvency certificate.

Sixth you have needed offer letter that university provide you for apply

Seventh you have needed Health Certificate 

Eighth you have needed your academic transcript.

Top ranking university In USA  one to one hindered

Rank University

1 Harvard University

2 Stanford University

3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

4 University of California Berkeley (UCB)

5 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

6 Yale University

7 Columbia University

8 Princeton University

9 New York University (NYU)

10 University of Pennsylvania

11 University of Chicago

12 Cornell University

13 Duke University

14 = Johns Hopkins University

15 = University of Southern California

16 Northwestern University

17 Carnegie Mellon University

18 University of Michigan 

19 Brown University

20 Boston University

21 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

22 Emory University

23 Rice University

24 University of Washington, Seattle

25 Washington University in St. Louis

26 Georgetown University

27 University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

28 Vanderbilt University

29 University of Texas at Austin

30 = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

30 = University of Rochester

31 = Dartmouth College

32 = University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

33 University of California, Davis (UCD)

35 University of Florida

36 = Tufts University

36 = University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)

38 Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

39 Stony Brook University

40 University of Virginia

41 Case Western Reserve University

42 Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick

43 University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

44 Pennsylvania State University, University Park

45 = George Washington University

45 = University of California, Irvine (UCI)

47 University of Notre Dame

48 University of Miami

49 Northeastern University

50 = Ohio State University, Columbus

51 = University at Buffalo SUNY

52 University of Maryland, College Park

53 Purdue University

54 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

55 = Boston College

56 = Michigan State University

57 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

58 University of Wisconsin-Madison

59 Syracuse University

60 = Lehigh University

60 = University of Pittsburgh

61 = Arizona State University, Tempe

62 = Brandeis University

63 Temple University

64 = Texas A&M University

65 = University of Arizona

66 University of Houston

67 = Binghamton University, SUNY

68 = Drexel University

69 = North Carolina State University

70 = Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

71 University of Connecticut

72 University of Georgia

73 Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech)

74 University of New Mexico

75 Indiana University Bloomington

76 Tulane University

77 University of Colorado at Boulder

78 = Florida State University

79 = University of South Florida

80 = Illinois Institute of Technology

81 = University of California, Riverside (UCR)

82 = University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)

83 = Howard University

84 = University of Texas Dallas

85 = Santa Clara University

87 = University of Maryland, Baltimore County

89 George Mason University

90 New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

92 University of Kansas

93 University at Albany SUNY

94 Oregon State University

95 University of Delaware

96 University of the Pacific

97 = Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, Newark

98= University of Hawai'i at Manoa

99 = San Diego State University

100 = University of Iowa

99 = University of Oklahoma, Norman

But if you want to do IELTS for extra benefit, you will see this book.  

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