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Every student wants to study in the best university if the world and Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Most of the students want to admit good universities. Canada is one of the best choices for international students because Canada has a lot of educational facilities for an international student. It has much reputation for higher educational facilities. Tuition fees are one of the main reasons. It has high quality facilities with affordable tuition fees. Canada government is very cordial for international students. Therefore every year many students want to study in Canada. Statistics shows that about 0.7 million come in this country for higher education. Canadian universities have all modern educational facilities and those universities are top ranking. It is full of natural beauties and different cultural with no discrimination. 

Top ten universities for international students 

University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa

University of Waterloo

Western University

University of Calagary

University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

McGill University

McMaster University

Admission Process to Study in Canada

Your master degree or MSC degree can be completed within eighteen to twenty four month and bachelor degree can be completed within thirty six month to forty eight month. In this country has no session jam. So it is no long duration for your academic time. You have a lot of extra opportune when you study here. You get a lot of different subject for choosing your best. Most of the attractive subjects are technology, business, science, medicine or arts. This famous university also provides short courses for national or international students.

Where Can I apply?

First you select a reputed university. Next you visit their website and see notice board for applying any courses. Then you apply your perfect course. You must visit their official website. It is very important matter for your admission. Do nor avoid these instructions. 

When do I apply? 

Most of the universities offer their program in fall and winter semesters. You must notice their website and see their curricular. But you should try to apply in winter semesters. I think that it is very helpful for your career.      

What do documents need for your apply Student Visa? 

Firstly need a Valid Passport

Secondly need a recent passport size photograph

Thirdly need confirmation paper.

Fourthly need curriculum Vitae 

Fifthly need a bank solvency certificate.

Sixthly need offer letter that university provide you for apply

Seventhly need Health Certificate 

Lastly need your academic transcript.


Courses Fees

Canada is famous for affordable tuition fees so national or international student do not suffer for tuition fees or accommodation costs. You will be paying tuition fees about only from 20,000 $ to 25,000$ for Bachelor degree program but when you admit Executive master degree program thane you be paying about 30,000$  

Study Insurance 

Canadian Government also provides study insurance to ensure completing study. It is very helpful for national or international students. It has extra facility that you do not need health insurance. So do not try to avoid it. 

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