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 50 good habit for an ideal student

An ideal student is always active, punctual and follow good habit. He is very careful of his duty. He do not waste his valuable time. He must follow good habit. Those are given below. 
1. Acquiring knowledge how to speed read.

3. Read attentively. 

4. Go to bed early .

5. Try to sound sleep.

6. Learning by right way.

7. Acquire Knowledge. 

8. Maintain daily routine.

9. Maintain time properly.

10. Keep a short note.

11. Care your own health.

12. Listen carefully you are in class.

13. Take rest for increasing energy.

14. Make a plan for next exam.

15. Find out problem and solve it smartly.

16. Focus on future.

17. Sometimes go to historical place.

18. Learn from professional bodies.

19. Watch educative program on web portal or Television.

20. Learn to optimize your works.

21. Avoid multitasking.

22. Apply strategy.
23. Listen to educative podcast while you free. 

24. Keep neat and clean in your workplace.

25. Complete professional course.

26. Gather experience in different works.

27. Silent cell phone while you reading a book.

28. Reading educative article from education blog.

29. Do overview on your daily work before sleeping.

30. Always keep your calendar up to date.
31. Make a schedule for tomorrow.

32. Give priority you important work.

33. Thinking quite what should you do?

34. Take fresh breath from open space.

35. Go to the institute or public library for study there.

36. Refresh your mind.

37. Do exercise regularly.

38. Develop your communication skill.

39. Wearing neat and clean clothes. 
40. Drink fresh water.

41. Keep a good company.

42. Read books for relax and mind fresh.

43. help to other while a man is being in problem.

44. Try to eat organic food.

45. Do practice. It is makes a man perfect.

46. Forgive other.

47. Forgive sorrowful days.

48. Care your eyes.

49. Sometimes walk alone. 

50. Take a bath in the morning with fresh hot or cold water

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